Who is Eloi?

At 33 years old, Jessica "Eloi The Avatar" Roberts made the decision to prove to the world that you possess the power to do whatever you want to do, at any stage, as long as you're willing to put in the work. After marriage and having kids, it's really easy to lose sight of your passion. For Jessica, after surviving near-death experiences from domestic violence, rape, and pregnancy with her first marriage, her epiphany hit. Either you're going to go for it or you will regret not doing it. How do we tell our children to follow their dreams if we don't show them what that looks like? Life is way too short to simply exist. Ever since her epiphany, she has taken control of her life and manifested everything she has ever wanted. True Love, Friendship, Self Esteem and now pursuing a dream she has kept buried within, MUSIC!


Upcoming Events

  • Eloi The Avatar Artist Debut Party
    Sat, Jul 24
    Black Box Theater
    Jul 24, 7:00 PM
    Black Box Theater, 215 E Front St, Arlington, TX 76011, USA
    Come out and witness the ultimate pursuit of happiness. Eloi The Avatar will be making her grand debut as a NEW artist while sharing the stage with some other amazing creatives. This evening has been thoroughly thought out to bring you an unforgetable experience.